Monday, February 8, 2010

lesson learned- you can burn something in a crockpot

Yes, that's right. Tonight our crock pot burned the delicious (well, it would have been) chicken I had cooking in it all day. I added liquid and spices and still pieces of the chicken were fairly tough and chewy....yuck. Not to mention that there was burnt crusted juice around the edges of the pot...double yuck and bummer. I am pretty sure our crock pot gets hotter than it should on low. It always seems to cook too fast and since no one is home during the day to check on it, it really defeats the simplicity of the crock pot meal. Next investment= new crock pot:) We did, however, salvage some of the meat (which wasn't chewy and hard) and then I made J chili spaghetti and I ate the leftover tex mex chicken from yesterday. So dinner wasn't exactly what I planned, but we were both satisfied. I think I will have to take my mom's advice and take the crock pot to the house that I nanny at so I can watch it next time!

In other news, James has a big anatomy test on Wed. so if you get the chance, pray for him. While he studies tonight, I plan on getting my list of coupons and groceries ready for Thursday/ meals plan for next week, taking a bubble bath/reading (one of my most favorite things), washing dishes (least favorite thing to do EVER), making the coffee for tomorrow and relaxing.
Also, we are supposed to get 4-6 inches of snow tonight- barf. I spent some time today outside in the snow that is still on the ground from this last weekend with the little girls I watch. We made some snowballs and played, but mostly they just wanted to be pulled all around their yard on a sled "fast." And trust me, they let you know if you are not meeting their speed quota:) It was a fun day, but I sure am tired...pretty sure that I deserve that bubble bath! At any rate, I am looking forward to summer and not having to scrape off my car every morning, wear boots, or pay for the gas to heat our apt! We are practically freezing and paying what I consider a small fortune on heat- much more than last year! It probably doesn't help that we live in an old apt where you can feel the draft when you walk by the front and back doors....but still. Snow, please go away.


  1. I join you in your wish for warmer weather! Cold weather is one of the many reasons I prefer an upstairs apartment. It is also one of the many reasons I would prefer to move SOUTH, WAY SOUTH. :)

    That said, do they need to adjust the weatherstripping on your front/back doors? Let me know!

  2. Thanks for mentioning this "couponing" thing...I never realized it was a hobby nor that there were so many coupons out there. We are saving SO much money now...thanks!