Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's been weeks again since i've posted...i guess that's the life of the working:) and sharing a computer with a spouse who studies with it a lot! Well, I am happy to inform you that I no longer have to share! James bought me my own macbook!!!!! I have the sweetest and most generous husband EVER! We are officially PC free (well, sort we have to figure out what to do with the PCs we aren't using anymore) and happy!

A quick update: I only have a minute to write- we are having a sweet couple from our community group over for lunch and I have to finish making it:) Our house smells like delicious crock-pot tex mex chicken and we can't wait to eat it! James has had a TON of school work lately, so he has spent many nights and all day Sat. studying. Hopefully the hard couple of weeks will come to end on Wednesday when he has his head and neck anatomy test. I will be glad to be able to spend some more time with him again:) I have been busy nannying and starting to really enjoy it, although I still come home fairly tired! I have officially been working with the girls for a month- sometimes it seems like longer and sometimes it seems like I just started. It's kind of like practicing for being a mom:) I have also been couponing and have gotten some AWESOME deals! So far- we are making our goal of only spending $80 on groceries this month. Last week, I spent $16.14 and for this coming week $14.56 (although i still need to buy milk, which is $1.88 at Walmart)!! We are pretty excited and glad to be lessening our monthly budget a little...Less spending=less dental school loans= happy couple:)

alright-off to the food.


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