Sunday, January 24, 2010

What can you get for 16 cents?

We had our usual Sunday and coupon clipping! Can I tell you about the really great deal I got?? I went to Walgreens after clipping coupons today to get the things that I wanted for the week. Here's what I got (plus a dark chocolate Reese cup that J already devoured):

and do you want to know the out of pocket cost?? SIXTEEN CENTS! Yes, that's right- I got $34 worth of stuff for only 16 cents! AMAZING! I can't believe that I didn't know about this before. I had several coupons, 6 register rewards bucks from last week and a rebate for Olay Quench Lotion (it was FREE!)! WoW! If you want to know more about navigating
here. I spent about $10 the first week to get started (about 3 weeks ago) and haven't spent more than a dollar since....each week I come home with bundles of stuff! YAY!

Anyway, we are just relaxing until Sojourn I guess I'll be going!


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  1. Hey Rebekah and James - The "blue room" looks great ! It looks like a perfect match to cammo man's" eyes also. I can't believe all the stuff you bought for 16cents WOW ! Love y'all - Daddy