Saturday, January 23, 2010

Feeling blue?

Finally after months of contemplation (not to mention getting up the motivation), our bedroom finally has been painted (much more productive than watching tv while J studies...although he did help a little in the end:)! I debated whether or not to do tan stripes for quite a long time, but when my mom gave me some great blue paint that she decided not to use, the decision was real simple...hah! Since I painted our nightstand light blue last year, it is not shown in the pics because now I am going to paint it ivory...which will match our new dresser from IKEA perfectly! I will post new pics with it when I am done (it will probably become my Thursday project). The blue is pretty bright, but I like how it adds a splash of color to our otherwise drab walls:)


What do you think?? The nightstand is usually under the it kind of feels like something is missing there.

Next step for the room... HEADBOARD! Not exactly sure how we are going to do that since we have zero budget for it, but I am thinking garage sale or maybe I will get all HGTV and make one! Haha, who knows!

I have been thinking about giving you guys a tour of our apt on here....maybe with plans for what I want to eventually do in each room. Perhaps?

Well, we are going to relax because after all that painting, I am exhausted! Can't believe I started this project around 11 am and the room is already put back together! YAY!



  1. I love it! My bedroom is blue, too. It's the way to go. :)

    I also love the IKEA dresser. I considered buying that dresser (well, the 8-drawer chest version), but ended up painting my old ones instead. But I would buy that in a heart beat! So cute, and LOVE the deep drawers.

    I have been pondering a headboard myself... maybe making one, that is. I'd like to make an upholstered one with tufted buttons, but that seems difficult to me, considering I can't even sew a button on to a sweater. :) But seriously... maybe we should team up and make headboards. I think this is worth discussing!

  2. Love it...a beautiful job!