Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ahh, Thursdays...

Well, it's official. I have fallen in love with a new day of the week. It's not that I have taken away my commitment to loving Sundays- it's just that I am adding another day to my favorites....Thursdays! On Thursdays, I have the day off (yay!) and so I get the chance to see friends, eat lunch with the hubby, catch up on housework (laundry, cleaning, groceries)- plus it's community group day. Can it get much better? Last Thursday I got so much accomplished that I was exhausted, BUT I got to relax all weekend because of it:) Wonderful!

Today's plan: time in the Word, clean bathroom, shower, clean up house a little (fix slip cover on couch-again--ugh, pick up clutter, make bed), put in laundry, coffee with Shannon and Charlotte:), lunch with James, groceries, back to finish cleaning the apt. and laundry, nap?, make dinner, community group and relax with hubs before bed! YAY!

In other news, I have been getting into the whole "couponing" thing. I was inspired 2 weeks ago to start doing some research when my mom was having a coupon class with some ladies from her small group. I spent the weekend researching, organizing and figuring out how it all works. I will admit that YES it takes a lot of work, but for us it is worth it. Since J spends some of his evenings studying, it gives me something productive (besides sitting in front of the hgtv) to work on that helps our budget too. In the last two weeks, I have been amazed at how full our cupboards and toiletry closets are and how little I have spent. We decided to make a goal for February to only spend $80 on groceries for the MONTH! Do you think we can do it? This might seem crazy since we eat 6 dinners a week at home and J packs all his lunches from home. We also both eat breakfast here! However, we think we can do it and still eat well- so we will let you know how it goes! I am pretty sure it will stretch my creativity! If you are looking to possibly start the coupon thing, check out this website that helped me here. It gives you awesome info in an organized way and really spells out what you need to know.

Well, I guess I better get started on that long to-do list.



  1. love the update and the photos!!! Have a great THURSDAY! Love you! Mom

  2. If you can actually meet your $80/month goal, you HAVE to share your secret. We are almost to our grocery budget ($260ish) for the month and I feel like we never have anything to eat! I am totally disorganized about meal planning. I love coupons, but I rarely have them. I want to learn! :)

    And I don't work on Fridays, so I share your enthusiasm about having a day to get things done that ISN'T the weekend. It's so amazing. Hooray!