Friday, December 11, 2009

On holiday!

It's the first day of vacation and we both couldn't be happier. We didn't sleep in too late, but did stay in our pajamas til almost noon! It was so nice to have coffee and relax...I did some painting and J played a computer game. We haven't had a normal sleep in day since before July 1st (thanks dental school) and it was just plain refreshing. During the school term, J usually spends all of Saturday studying so that he can take Sunday off. He gets up early, I sleep in and then have to entertain myself while he studies. At any we get 3 whole weeks of Sundays (my favorite day of the week)!

Last night, we had our community group come to our house. It was fun to have everyone over:) Our little apt. doesn't fit too many people and with the GIANT Christmas tree, it was restricted even more...but we made it work!

Anyway, this morning we made a list of things we needed to get done (sell J's car, change the title on mine, etc.) and things we wanted to get done (shopping, watch the new Star Trek, see Sherlock Holmes, etc) over the break. Sooo after J finishes eating his chili spaghetti (yuck;) we are headed out! Only 6 days until we are celebrating in NKY and 12 until we will be in SC!! SO EXCITED!


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