Tuesday, December 8, 2009

merry christmas, happy holidays (n*sync style)

a very sad excuse for a Christmas tree (don't worry it gets prettier)

R poofing and fluffing the branches

by far the best picture of the night... no need for a witty caption :)


more fluffing... it took FOREVER

stockings and festive sign

the beautiful tree and festive lights outlining our dining room-courtesy of our great neighbors

another view

this makes me smile

R by the tree- before going out for a date

my sweet and very handsome husband


  1. The tree is beautiful! And you two are too!!

  2. Why don't you come on over to H8 and decorate? :) Looks good! I love seeing the lights as I drive past your building.

  3. Love the decorations- we are busy getting ours up also! Love the signs on the wall also!

  4. Yay for Christmas time and pretty trees! I miss you two! I wish we could double date (and that you and I could hang out all the time while our boys studied!!!!.. I'll keep dreaming) Love, Lo