Wednesday, December 16, 2009

it all started with mexican vegetables

Tonight we got started on dinner a little late. Since we are headed out of town for awhile, I haven't bought any groceries lately, so we were trying to use up some things we had. What happened? Our own version of Havana Rumba's congris (rice and beans), Kroger's "mexican" vegetables and chicken (cut up, spiced with cumin and cooked in a little olive oil with some chopped onion)! YUM! I find that my most creative meals and sometimes the best are made on the fly and with no recipe. If you live in Louisville and haven't tried Havana will not be disappointed!! DELICIOUS!

After dinner we finished our 2nd caramel popcorn conquest! It is so good that I hate to pack it up and give it away:) Tomorrow (after our membership interview at Sojourn), we are headed to NKY to celebrate Christmas with the Bush fam. Then back for a day and to SC! We are excited about spending the days to come with family! :)


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