Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hello December!

It's officially December which to me seems so weird. Thanksgiving came and went and now Christmas is only 24 days away. Did i mention that I love Christmas? This year we spent Thanksgiving with the Bush family in Erlanger:) We had a great time hanging out, ice skating, eating, decorating for Christmas (a little bit), etc. We even had mashed sweet potatoes (yum)! I am headed back up there tomorrow to help mom B. clean out some closets and organize:) FUN! I really do love to organize...is that weird? Thinking I should make it a business, that is if anyone would pay me!

As of yesterday- James and I have been married a year and a half! WOW! He is such a wonderful husband and I am lucky to be able to be by his side as we grow in the Lord daily. If you think of it- pray for him these next two weeks...he is finishing up classes and then has to conquer his finals before he will be free to celebrate the holiday.

Speaking of holidays--i am still working on those pictures of the Christmas decorations. For some reason the mac has decided it no longer wants to read our memory card...so i have to find the camera cord and actually hook up the camera to download the pics. oh technology!

Another post soon to come...


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  1. seriously? like to organize.....WOWZERS- i would really consider paying you....3 kids...our crazy last 2 years....people that constantly give us handmedowns...or handmecrap....*b/c of what we do* probably could use some help : ) we need to talk! Hope you are well! B is LOVING chapter books....FLYING through them- thanks to a great 1st grade teacher! : ) although did not want to go to school tomororw *er today* b/c she has a center where she has to do time lines or something like that....still working on her shyness i guess! well....SO GLAD you had a fun thanksgiving....time to go to bed...late meeting tonight- ahahhhhh college life schedules! hope to talk soon,