Thursday, November 5, 2009


After much thinking and little encouragement from friends, I will be opening my very own shop on to sell some of my signs :) As soon as I finish setting it all up, I will post a direct link so you can look!!

On another note, mom and dad came to visit this past weekend. It was so incredibly fun and of course they spoiled us to death! We took them to all the great places that they missed last time they were here because we had just moved in and didn't know about them ourselves! On Saturday night we bought some candy for all those little gobblins and ghosts, but much to our dismay we only had NINE trick or treaters!!! WHAT? Never in my life has this happened. I have to admit that it made me quite sad, but mom and dad made it pretty fun! We laughed pretty hard that night....until they started crying since J and I schooled them in spades!! Just kidding about the crying- but we did school them! haha. It was a fabulously fun time and I can't wait to visit them in the somewhat warmer south for Christmas.

Umm, can I share something annoying? For some silly reason, my computer won't let me post comments back! So, sorry if I never post back- i promise i read what you had to say and am thinking of computer would just rather I be anti-social.

Well, it's just past 10:30 which happens to be past our bedtime lately! We were staying up til sometime in the 11 o'clock hour until recently when we've been getting in bed around 10. J always swears he's not tired, but I know better! That man is exhausted and he should be since he is in class all day and then has to come home and study/ hang out with me:)! He also gets up early to study most days! So my "not tired" husband who "doesn't want to go to sleep yet" has fallen asleep beside me on the couch :) He works so hard! I think I better wash my face, brush my teeth and join him! Goodnight moon!


ps-I made another sign for mom. i will post pics soon!

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  1. I just want you to know that we let you win to help you gain gaming confidence- next time you won't be so lucky!!! haha!