Saturday, November 7, 2009


J and I had our very first run-in with a real pomegranate tonight! I think that I have eaten one before sometime in my childhood, but not on my own. So tonight at the grocery store, we walked by the pomegranates and thought--tonight is the night! We actually have been waiting since last year...J's mom bought one for us when we were visiting last winter and we FORGOT to eat it before we left! We picked up the official POM guide to opening and consuming pomegranates and went home to conquer the task. The end result? the first few bites of the arils (red, juicy seeds) was delicious and the seedy, chewy part that came after the juice was gone was NOT so pleasant. I am a texture person and i did not particularly favor this one...BUT i did eat quite a few before deciding it was time to quit. J, on the other hand, enjoyed the taste and texture (more than I did). He agrees it's good for the antioxidants and another 11 letter word that starts with a. That is all I am going to say about that!

At any rate, would we try one again? I think so!


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  1. sounds yummy! i saw some at the store the other day and thought about giving it a try. love you guys!