Thursday, November 19, 2009

the life of a dental student (or a dental student's wife)

I thought it would be kind of cool to share this because unless you know a dental student really well or are related to one (married for instance:) then you might not have seen anything like this!

the teeth screw in and out so you can replace them when you are ready to start something new

my sweet husband waxing a veneer:)

a box of practice teeth!

the beginnings of the veneer wax...still in progress!

Pretty amazing, isn't it? The dentoform looks so much like a real mouth! Technology is pretty sweet! I am sure James may post sometime soon to tell you more about life in dental school (but currently he is studying for finals)! Pray for him if you get a chance. His last one is Thursday! YAY! Then we get 3 weeks off just to relax, celebrate, spend time with family and enjoy each other! Can't wait!



  1. That's pretty amazing!, they sure look like normal teeth. Were do you buy these practice teeth?. I'm looking forward to sell these in my country. Thanks in advance =)

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