Monday, October 12, 2009

sign complete!!

Here is the completed sign I painted for mama :) I think it turned out well...maybe I should start selling these?? hmmm....



  1. VERY CUTE! love those pumpkins too.....same deal....too $$$$!!!! so where are you working??? did you find a teaching job?! miss not saying HI when we walk past your room..... : ( but Mrs. Hicks room is at the top of the stairs so we rarely walk that way anyway! bren has BRACES! we may need to invest in one of those toothbrushes you speak of.... : ) she is a bit OCD about her brushing , etc. LOL! all sound GREAT! thanks for posting!

  2. Have you heard of etsy? If not, immediately go to It is awesome! You could totally sell your signs....