Monday, October 12, 2009

i'm decorating for my mind

Aren't these rattan pumpkins the cutest? i think maybe i should become one of pottery barn's buyers because they always seem to pick out exactly what i like! So cute! it's already feeling like a very chilly fall here in louisville with highs in the low 60s and destined to drop even lower later this week- brr! we turned on the heat for the first time of the season last night and today i pulled out heated blanket out of the chest. fall is officially here (to stay, i think). i've decided that (at least until spring comes) fall is my favorite season and if I had an extra $75 to spend-i'd buy two of these super cute pumpkins and one of those berry wreaths for fall to decorate with! One perk of not having the money- after fall, i don't have to find somewhere to store them :) i'm looking on the brightside.
My sister Jen and her hubby Joey are coming this weekend to visit and we couldn't be more excited! They haven't seen our place here in louisville yet and we are convinced they will love it and want to move here....ok, that's wishful thinking, but hey we'll keep working on them! We are planning lots of fun things to do while they are here:)
Today and tomorrow are J's fall break! He is currently studying for a test he has next week, but plans to spend the whole day with me tomorrow (since i took off from work) with NO studying. HOORAY! it's like having another sunday this week! we have found that for his sanity and mine, it is best for him to take one whole "sabbath" day each week where NO studying occurs....and Sunday is the best day for it. I love sundays! But this week, i also love tuesday :) As for me, I am waiting for some paint to dry so I can continue working on a sign for my mom for to come:)


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