Wednesday, October 28, 2009

hawthorne yellow

i'm on a kick where i think about DIY projects a lot. it's probably not helping that i keep seeing on friend's blogs or at my neighbors apt. all the cute things you can do! since i didn't get any hours this week at work on Tues. i took on a different project. i tackled painting the dining room. since we don't have an Ace with paint around here (see previous post for frustration!) and they are the only ones that have the Pottery Barn colors, i took the paint chip to Home Depot and they color matched it perfectly. gotta love technology. plus, i got Behr paint- which turned out to be awesome, thick paint that didn't cause dripping. you wouldn't know it if you saw the paint job though! why? well i guess the people that have painted this apt. over the years didn't care too much about drips because they are everywhere. Oh and did i mention the bumpy walls? i think if you look closely in the pictures you can see the bumpiness that is occurring behind the buffet. just for the record, rollers don't go over bumps very smoothly!

at any rate, i think it makes the room look SO much better and makes our apt. seem much more like home. i love it and i think it goes well with the green in the kitchen. now the only thing is to decide whether or not to paint the hallway yellow with the extra??

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Danny's song...

And even though we ain't got money,
I'm so in love with you, honey,
And everything will bring a chain of love.
And in the morning, when I rise,
You bring a tear of joy to my eyes
And tell me everything is gonna be alright.

:) Great old song! If you want to listen to here.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

ace hardware...what are you thinking?

Today I got the inspiration to possibly paint the dining room or start the bedroom. I picked out the perfect Pottery Barn paint colors and looked up Ace Hardware- the only place that seems to carry Benjamin Moore paints. 9 Aces appeared and only ONE carried the paint and it is 25 minutes away!!??! Seriously Ace Hardware, what are you thinking? Needless to say, all the inspiration went out the window..... Hah! For now I will deal with the creamy white hospital looking walls of our apt!

In better news, mom and dad are coming on FRIDAY and we are SUPER excited!!!!!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

J&J's visit

This past weekend, Jen and Joey came to visit us! It was such a wonderful relaxing time full of fun and good food!! They spoiled us rotten! On Saturday night we decided to carve pumpkins-fun! Although, Joey didn't participate in the carving, he helped find a good recipe for the pumpkin seeds and cheered us on:) I think our pumpkins turned out well! We SO wished that the Santorums lived by us- can't wait to see them at Christmas!!!

James' pumpkin, then mine, then Jen's:) We are so talented!

Monday, October 12, 2009

sign complete!!

Here is the completed sign I painted for mama :) I think it turned out well...maybe I should start selling these?? hmmm....


i'm decorating for my mind

Aren't these rattan pumpkins the cutest? i think maybe i should become one of pottery barn's buyers because they always seem to pick out exactly what i like! So cute! it's already feeling like a very chilly fall here in louisville with highs in the low 60s and destined to drop even lower later this week- brr! we turned on the heat for the first time of the season last night and today i pulled out heated blanket out of the chest. fall is officially here (to stay, i think). i've decided that (at least until spring comes) fall is my favorite season and if I had an extra $75 to spend-i'd buy two of these super cute pumpkins and one of those berry wreaths for fall to decorate with! One perk of not having the money- after fall, i don't have to find somewhere to store them :) i'm looking on the brightside.
My sister Jen and her hubby Joey are coming this weekend to visit and we couldn't be more excited! They haven't seen our place here in louisville yet and we are convinced they will love it and want to move here....ok, that's wishful thinking, but hey we'll keep working on them! We are planning lots of fun things to do while they are here:)
Today and tomorrow are J's fall break! He is currently studying for a test he has next week, but plans to spend the whole day with me tomorrow (since i took off from work) with NO studying. HOORAY! it's like having another sunday this week! we have found that for his sanity and mine, it is best for him to take one whole "sabbath" day each week where NO studying occurs....and Sunday is the best day for it. I love sundays! But this week, i also love tuesday :) As for me, I am waiting for some paint to dry so I can continue working on a sign for my mom for to come:)


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

i love all things pumpkin--except pie!

It's been awhile. Our lives have been "kicked up a knotch" in the busyness factor lately, leaving little time to write. Two weekends ago, we made a whirlwind trip to SC to surprise mom for her birthday:) It was a success and absolutely wonderful to see the whole fam if only for a day and a half. Last weekend, J and I just relaxed here--went to the art show/ UofL homecoming downtown and enjoyed some time together. We are astounded that it is already October! Where has the time gone? But October for us holds lots of exciting things--camping, Jen and Joey visiting, my parents visiting, J's fall break!! It's already/going to be a great month. On to some things that I love lately....

1. anything pumpkin, EXCEPT pie! That's right- I love pumpkin spice lattes (yum!), pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cupcakes, pumpkin candles, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin coffee from Fresh Market, pumpkin creamer, pumpkin almost anything....but i HATE pumpkin pie. One word: TEXTURE.

2. free $150 OralB toothbrushes. I knew dental school was good for something! Last week, the oralB/Crest guy came to UofL and gave a "lunch and learn" for the students telling them how great this new toothbrush and Crest was. Then he gave each student one with multiple brushing heads- so i benefit too! Now, J and I fight over who gets to brush first! The toothbrush even has bluetooth technology to let you know if you are brushing too hard, when you should move to the next quadrant of your mouth, and a smiling face that let's you know if you've done a good job. It also has different modes to massage your gums, deep clean, be more sensitive, etc. It's amazing to say the least and now we both can't wait to brush our teeth. Also, they seem to feel much cleaner than when I brush with the regular brush--i guess that's the point?

3. sojourn. you might be thinking, what's that? Well, it's the church here that we are currently taking the membership class to join. We absolutely love it already and have been so blessed/challenged by the Biblical teaching. We also bought one of the cds they have produced and LOVE it. We are planning on buying another this week! I am going to also start working with the 4 and 5 year olds and J is planning on joining their medical team--in case anyone needs CPR or first aid during the service. Anyway, we love it there and feel very at home:)

4. JAMES- This should have been number 1, but I got on a role with the whole pumpkin thing! I cannot tell you what a great husband I have! He is so loving and attentive and more importantly loves the Lord first. I am so, so blessed!!

5. ChRiStMaS- I know it's a little early to think about this, but before you know it Thanksgiving will have come and gone and it will be right around the corner. I love everything about Christmas- the purpose, the celebration, the time with family, the weather, the great food and decorations, the feeling of happiness. Yes, Christmas is my favorite holiday and i am already anticipating it for this year:)

There are SO many more things I could mention, but I have to go get ready for work! Until next time....