Saturday, August 22, 2009

White Coat Ceremony

It was an early Saturday morning in the Bush household! Though most people enjoy sleeping in and being lazy on Saturdays, we didn't mind getting up early today! Why?? Because my dear, sweet husband officially got his white coat for dental school today! It was exciting and I think made us both realize that in just a few short years, he will be a doctor. Now, J will be dressing in style with his blue scrubs and white coat! He looks so professional in it! I am glad that his mom and sister were able to join us to celebrate!

Man (i can't remember who?) helping him put the coat on :) yay!

Happy Couple....J's wearing the white coat! He didn't want to take it off even to eat!

With the family :)


J's friend Jeff..from Minnesooooota (imagine that with a minnesota accent :)


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