Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What is a workout room really for?

Can I tell you something HILARIOUS that I have been observing now for a few weeks??

Every night J and I have been driving to Cherokee Park to either walk or jog the scenic loop there. On the way back from the park, it is usually dark (or almost) and nearing 9 or 9:30pm. AND every night (so far) as we pass by the little office building for our apt. complex we notice the light in the work out room is on- not too weird I suppose if someone were working out in there. Inside are 2 treadmills, some other bike like thing, a bo-flex (i think?) and an old tv to watch while you sweat.

Instead of seeing someone using the equipment, EVERY night thus far we have seen people in there watching the tv!!! HILARIOUS?!?!?! It makes me laugh EVERY time we pass as we wait anxiously to see if someone will be diligently sitting in the child size chairs they have in there (for kids if you bring them when you work out) watching their favorite program? It's almost becoming a game.

So, whoever you are who is watching tv EVERY night in the workout room...please don't stop. You are bringing laughter to our lives just a little bit with each program you just can't miss!

In other news, TOMORROW is J's 22nd BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Hopefully I will get a few minutes to blog something special for him :)


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