Sunday, August 16, 2009

Husband DEBUT Spectacular!

Greetings everyone...

Since this is my first blog post, allow me to thank Rebekah for encouraging me to contribute my portion to our new blog, 107 Fenley.

With that being said, the gates are open and we're off into our fall semester with ULSD. The first week wasn't too bad but we'll see what the future weeks have to come. I'm sure in future blog posts I won't have such a relaxed and introspective tone. In sparing much detail, I am nevertheless blessed and excited to be a sprouting dentist and am greatly enjoying my schooling. One of our pictures alludes to the "skull-in-a-box" which I can be seen occasionally carrying around the school; feels like the classic mark of a freshman (or "1st year", they apparently use both systems interchangeably).

Saturdays are normally our date days, but since I had special plans for this one it fell on Sunday. Canoeing had kept catching my attention for some time, and with the 90 degree and sunny weather today I could not have thought of a better co-ed and romantic activity (teamwork involved too!! Maybe marriage counselors should adopt a partner watercraft curriculum) ;)

Anyway, it was beautiful. At some points it was so serene that all you could hear were the river fauna and the occasional breeze; when not paddling the water turned to glass...

Some points were more exciting with flowing currents and obstacles to steer around. But since I'm a natural pro it wasn't a problem. Of course we didn't choose the class 2540.2 rapids but rather the 6-mile leisure something. Stillness here and there, some nice, flowing currents and the occasional swimming spot. No dueling banjos.

The price is reasonable and nice for water enthusiasts. Transportation, equipment, and not charged by the hour for one flat rate on Elkhorn Creek. You can check it out here:

At any rate, Rebekah and I adore Louisville. Right now we are winding down for the coming week and keeping in step with that idea I'll let this entry wind down here.




  1. James and Rebekah - Great blog ! Sounds like you had a great time today canoeing and navigating the river. I enjoyed the pictures ... especially of the tomatoes ! We have more! Mom made some into home made tomatoe soup. You certainly are kindrid spirits with Mom now that you are also writing on the walls and all. Have a great week ! We love all y'all ! Love, Daddy

  2. The canoeing sounds fantastic! Do you really carry around a skull-in-a-box?!