Thursday, August 20, 2009


A few days ago my neighbor (Shannon) came over and we were watching an Oprah episode about

obese kids and teens (seems to be one of her favorite topics? not sure what the fascination is....but I did learn something new). The guy she was interviewing wrote a book called Eat This Not That. I was astonished when he said that it was better to eat REAL bacon instead of turkey bacon! What???? He compared Oscar Mayer turkey bacon and real bacon. They both have the same amount of calories and fat, BUT turkey bacon has much more sodium in it. Still, I was extremely skeptical considering I have eaten turkey bacon almost all my life thinking it was healthier. SO what was I to do but go to the grocery store to find out the truth!

Here is what I found...HE WAS RIGHT! BUT here is how they trick you...
On the real bacon, they used 2 slices as the serving size and only ONE on the turkey bacon! So turkey bacon has 35 calories, 3g of fat, and 180mg of sodium per slice, while real bacon has 70 calories, 6g of fat and 290mg of sodium for 2 slices. RIDICULOUS! I am so used to eating turkey bacon so I am not sure I will be able to turn just seems wrong! Why make a turkey into a pig if it's not even better for you? I did find that butterball turkey bacon has a few less calories and fat, but i am guessing that it is just not as hearty of a piece.

Enough about that...I am headed to the dental school in a bit to have lunch with J and then back here to clean! Mom Bush and Sara are coming this weekend for J's White Coat Ceremony and celebrate an early birthday for him and a late one for Sara! Exciting:)

Tomorrow, Shannon and I are going to try riding the TARC bus down to the public library. The only time I have been on a bus (that I remember) was in Mexico, but parking downtown costs SO much that I think it will be worth it to ride the bus if we can figure it out...future blog post? I think so! By the way, Shannon is preggo and finds out the sex of the baby today (if it will cooperate)...SO EXCITING! We can't wait to hear!



  1. I am really upset about the bacon!!! UGH- who knew! Mom

  2. I eat turkey bacon too because I thought it was healthier!