Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The first post sets the tone...

I'll use the first post to catch you up on us-- this summer we packed up all of our things again and made the move to another new city-Louisville. While moving is stressful and not always fun, we both have settled in and feel right at home in our new community. We have such wonderful, friendly neighbors that we actually like to hang out with (very different from our athletic, bass pumping neighbors in Richmond)!!! We threw away all our moving boxes this time because we plan on staying right here until James is done with school!! We have started going to Sojourn church and love it...and James is already studying his way through dental school. He has been doing gross anatomy and has recently picked up another class (dental anatomy/preclinical operative). He has already started practicing drilling teeth! I must say I am so proud of how well he is doing! I am married to such a smartie! It hits me everyday when I see him in his blue scrubs with his "James B. Bush, Student Doctor" name tag that he is going to be a DENTIST! Dr. James B. Bush! Wow- exciting!

As for me, I have found myself enjoying summer in different ways. Moving to a new city has its challenges especially when you don't jump right into a new job or school...but I have already made lots of new "friends" and reconnected with many old ones! I do suffer from frequent boredom when James studies for big tests, but luckily we got an amazing deal and I am enjoying some serious HGTV and TLC. I am literally addicted. I think I have decided that there is NO WAY I can have cable once we have children...YIKES! But for now, it's a nice way to spend my "free" time. I often redecorate our apt. in my mind.

While James is studying for a lab practical and test on Friday, House Hunters is on and I have to see which house they choose (see the addiction?) so I will sign off for tonight....until next time.



  1. Hey Rebekah (and James)! It's Beth Crouser (from the VM office). I found your blog via facebook and I'm so glad you're loving it at Village Manor. R, I had to comment and let you know that I LOVE HGTV and TLC... so much that we eventually had to cancel our cable. Ha. I am not ashamed to admit that I love TV (although I probably should be...), but the trick is that I'm not very good at setting boundaries. So now, instead of wasting my life by watching cable, I waste my life by watching Netflix and DVD sets. At least it's cheaper?

    Anyway. Just wanted to say hi! Also, we go to Sojourn -- fun! :) Are you going to attend the new St. Matthews site?

  2. Hey Beth!! We do LOVE village manor :) we are very happy here. It cracks me up that you are a HGTV addict too!! It's so bad....i never had cable growing up and i think i may have gone overboard (although I used to watch the DVD sets too before i had this!). I think James secretly kind of likes HGTV too..tho he wouldn't admit it!! We got our internet and cable for one year for $30/month...CRAZY good- but i am thinking after that promo is over, we will have to cancel if i am going to have a life...haha.

    We LOVE sojourn...and have thought about the St. Matthews site, but don't know too much about it. Will you guys be going there? We are planning on going through membership classes this fall.

    Anyway, I see you are in Cali! Have a BLAST!!! Hopefully we can run into each other sometime around the Manor- I have a feeling we could be friends:)