Friday, July 31, 2009

early least for me!

Oh how my perspective has changed! When I was teaching, I used to think it was such a luxury to sleep until 6:30 because I was up so early and hitting the road to Lexington by 6:10 each morning. I guess summer has spoiled me because NOW i consider 8ish early. Granted I used to go to bed at 9:30 and now I am staying up until midnight-still it's going to be a rude awakening when I have to start working again!

I dropped James at class this mornin
g so that I can pack the car and we can hit the road to SC as soon as he finishes his 2 tests.
He has been studying so hard and long this week--so this week off will be WONDERFUL! Plus this week is extra exciting because Jami is getting MARRIED on August 8th and we are both part of the wedding. It's crazy to think that my big brother tying the knot AND buying a house all in one week! His fiancee Lauren is a welcome addition to our family:) We love her and are so
glad he chose someone so awesome! Can't wait!

In other news, as much as I love where we live- I have one complaint...why in the WORLD would anyone name a building with the letter O. You might think, what is she talking about? Well, here at Village Manor all the apts. have a letter and number--like A7 or K9...well we live in building O. The problem? EVERYONE seems to think that the letter O is a zero which gets quite confusing. Since we live in O2, people automatically drop the O and suddenly we live in apt. 2! Ridiculous. Luckily, one way or another we have still gotten all our mail (at least we hope?)! Other than that Village Manor is a gem and we keep trying to convince more people to move here!

Well, there is LOTS to do before we head to SC, so I really must be going. Next time I blog, hopefully I will be in the sunny south enjoying the pool!


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